Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment, OWI Classes

Our counselors are experienced in the field of alcohol and drug treatment. We've had experience from both sides of substance recovery and are here to share our success with you. We understand that we are serving REAL people with REAL problems.

Serving Des Moines and Polk County Iowa, our goal is to empower those who suffer from alcohol and substance abuse by helping people develop self-awareness, a positive self-image, and pro-social coping skills so that they can function in a beneficial way for themselves, their families, and the communities in which they live. Our counseling services will help you to achieve these and other goals you want for yourself.

Self-Awareness is an important part of recovery. It is one of the first steps in substance abuse treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. It allows the person to see alcohol and substance abuse through their own eyes and allows them to understand the addiction process and provides them with an individualized substance abuse treatment program.

Some of the services we provide to Des Moines and Polk County:

  • Group Counseling Sessions
  • Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Extended Outpatient Program (EOP)
  • OWI 12 Hour and 48 Hour Weekend Classes
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OWI 12 Hour and 48 hour Weekend Classes

If you must be in compliance with a court order, and you are required to attend the OWI 12 hour or weekend classes, Self-Awareness will provide that class. The purpose of this program is to satisfy your OWI obligations to the court without going to jail, while providing you with information about alcohol abuse to encourage low-risk choices.

  • 12 Hour Classes
  • 48 Hour Weekend Classes
  • 96 Hour Weekend Classes

12 Hour Class: $180.
48 Hour Class Double Room: $325.
48 Hour Class Single Room (if available): $450.

96 Hour double Room: $650.

96 Hour Single Room(if available): $850.

Cash, credit cards, and money orders accepted.
No personal checks.

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Our Mission and Vision For Outpatient Drug Treatment

Our mission at Self-Awareness is to provide the best outpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatment and recovery available in Des Moines and Polk County, Iowa. We treat all types of substance abuse with the individual care needed to achieve success in drug and alcohol treatment and stay on the path to recovery with the tools and support needed to live the life you truly want for yourself.

Self-Awareness, outpatient drug treatment program envisions a community in which those needing help to overcome drug and alcohol addiction are provided with solid nurturing principals, which are customized and individualized for that particular person. This is the key to overcoming substance abuse and addiction.

Our youth counseling "Transition 13" is designed to help pre-teens at the age of 12 on through young adulthood who are having issues with drugs and alcohol. Though the process of self-discloser by guess speakers, peer interactions, intervention to provoke positive self-esteem, intervention to provoke positive self-image, and intervention.

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