Self-Awareness Drug and Alcohol Counselors

Our counselors are experienced in the field of Substance Abuse Recovery and we understand that we are serving REAL people with REAL problems, so we as counselors here at Self-Awareness provide REAL solutions to drug and alcohol addiction. We are experienced in of Substance Abuse Recovery and armed with the education that is required to serve our clients, in Des Moines and Polk County.

The counselors here, have also had personal experiences with combating alcohol and drug addiction, either through our own personal life or through the life of someone that we love and are eager to use that experience to help others. Furthermore, we believe that knowing what our clients have went through or are going through with drug and/or alcohol addiction, allows us to connect and serve them better.

We treat alcohol addiction and provide OWI classes for those who must be in compliance with a court order, and are required to attend the OWI 12 hour or weekend program. We have a qualified program to satisfy your OWI obligations to the court without going to jail.

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Jerome Miller B.S. IADC
Executive Director at Self-Awareness Inc.

  • “I love doing my work, because I have been where most of those who suffer from addiction are at now and helping people make sense out of what seems to be a senseless situation is what drives me. I was told like so many others that my condition was fixed and change was impossible. Well I am here to say that change is not only possible but un-stoppable. All things change, there is no stopping that. However, you can be the master of your change. Direct your life so that others do not feel the need to direct it for you. Change because you know that you need to and Self–Awareness is here to help that positive change”.

    Jerome Miller.

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